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    rohit koul

      Hi All,

      I am new to NPrinting and want to know, Is Nprinting capable of merging 2 reports together like Pivot and Straight table.
      Actually, I have a requirement where Pivot table with 3 Dimension and 8 Expressions and Straight table of 3 Dimension and 5 Expression (3 Dimensions are common in both) get attached together so, my output will be now 3 Dimensions and  8+5 Expressions which I can circulate to all my Business users.
      I will be very thankful for your help in advance.
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          ioannis giakoumakis

          Can you merge them in QV? Then Nprinting can show them.


          Otherwise you need to connect to the data and create a new Nprinting based chart

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            Jonathan Poole

            Rohit - i suspect the answer is yes but you may need to author the new table in the NPRINTING template editor rather than trying to remerge the existing qlikview objects in NPRINTING.


            With NPRINTING you can use the dashboard objects 'as is', or you can use the template editor features to accomplish what couldn't be done in qlikview with standard straight/pivot tables.  In tabular reporting, merged cells, master/details , tables within tables all become possible using the excel template editor for NPRINTING because excel has all of these features out of box.


            What i would suggest is to hit the NPRINTING knowledge base below and then type 'pivot' in the search and you'll see lots of examples. 


            Knowledge Base – Customer Feedback for Vizubi


            If you run into the specifics in the actual development feel free to post any questions on the forums  and we'll try help out.

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              Alex Walker

              Hi Rohit,


              I know you contacted me directly about this and I didn't give a worked example, but I just spotted it on here and decided to give it a crack!


              If you know that the number of rows in the Pivot and Straight table will match then you can just insert the Straight Table column(s) next to the Pivot. See the attached simple example...


              If not, then I suspect that with some form of lookup (index/match method in Excel) you'd be able to do a lookup to match the data...