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    Qlik Sense Desktop "An error occured" on first launch



      I am new to Qlik.


      When I run Qlik Sense Desktop v1.1.0.0 right after installing it ; it opens up the Qlik Sense Desktop hub window but with the prompt saying "An error occurred - Connection lost. Make sure that Qlik Sense is running properly. If your session has timed out due to inactivity, refresh to continue working."

      If I click on "Refresh", the "Opening the hub" animation just continues on without any further behaviour.

      Please help and thanks in advance.

      PS : No configuration was done beyond the default installation.

      PSS : I have tried restarting and killing off the task manager process as well. Running the "repair" or uninstall" from the setup file also leads to the AN ERROR HAS OCCURED message but little info otherwise (less we traverse the setup logs)