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    Data value in header label in a pivot table

      hi qlikview people,


      we have a pivot table, where we have countries and then on the sub level values in a common currency (e.g. EUR) and the local currency in the column beside it. Please see picture below:




      In our data we have a column [County] and a column [Local_Currency]. Our goal is to have a dinamic label, to display the local currency value (e.g. Local amount (in k ARS) for Argentina, Local amount (in k USD) for USA, etc.). Please see picture below:




      If we put the expression label as ='Local Amount (in k '&[Local_currency]&')' , it only works, when we filter for only 1 country (from a list box, which includes Countries).


      Hope I have described my issue and expected result well enough for you to understand.


      Thanks for your help and suggestions in advance.


      Best regards,