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    Need to Create a folder and Name it by Date

    Shivendoo Kumar

      Hi Guys.


      I was just thinking to backup my QVD file each day before loading so thought of creating a folder with Name as today date and then create QVD file Name as QVD_NAME_Today_Date.


      For Example, I will Create a Folder name 15-Mar-2015 and Inside that folder will create QVD file DIM_EMP_15_MAR_2015 as backup file.


      I found that how to create folder but when trying to create dynamic folder name (like 15-Mar-2015), I am not getting desired output.


      This is my Script:


      SET vFolderName=Today();



      SET vFolderPath=D:\Shivendoo\QVD BackUp\Dim Data Source QVD Files\$vFolderName;



      EXECUTE cmd.exe /C MD "$vFolderPath";


      Please help

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          Shivendoo Kumar

          Here is the Script to Take Backup of QVD data files before scheduled reloading.


          I have plan to keep backup of latest 6 days QVDs.


          SET ThousandSep=',';

          SET DecimalSep='.';

          SET MoneyThousandSep=',';

          SET MoneyDecimalSep='.';

          SET MoneyFormat='$#,##0.00;-$#,##0.00';

          SET TimeFormat='h:mm:ss TT';

          SET DateFormat='YYYY-MMM-DD';

          SET TimestampFormat='D/MM/YYYY h:mm:ss[.fff] TT';

          SET MonthNames='Jan;Feb;Mar;Apr;May;Jun;Jul;Aug;Sep;Oct;Nov;Dec';

          SET DayNames='Mon;Tue;Wed;Thu;Fri;Sat;Sun';



          $(Include=d:\shivendoo\qlikview config\qlikview_file_config.txt);



          SET vFolderNameTodayI='Date(Today())';

          LET vFolderNameToday=$(vFolderNameTodayI);



          SET vFolderName7DaysOldI='Date(Today()-7)';

          LET vFolderName7DaysOld=$(vFolderName7DaysOldI);



          //Create A Folder With Name as Today Date

          EXECUTE cmd.exe /C MD "$(vBKPDimFolderPath)\$(vFolderNameToday)";



          //Backup QVD Data before scheduled reloading


          LOAD *

          FROM $(vDimQVDStoragePath)\DIM_EMP_DATA.QVD (qvd);



          //Store the Backuped QVD in FOLDER Named as Date(Today())

          STORE DIM_EMP_DATA INTO $(vBKPDimFolderPath)\$(vFolderNameToday)\$(vFolderNameToday)-DIM_EMP_DATA.QVD;




          //Delete a Folder (& files under it) Named as Date(Today()-7) Using CMD Commands

          EXECUTE cmd.exe /C RD /Q /S "$(vBKPDimFolderPath)\$(vFolderName7DaysOld)";




          Where qlikview_file_config.txt contains below values.


          SET vDimQVDStoragePath='D:\Shivendoo\Dim Data Source QVD Files';

          SET vFactQVDStoragePath='D:\Shivendoo\Fact Data Source QVD Files';

          SET vBKPDimFolderPath='D:\Shivendoo\QVD BackUp\Dim Data Source QVD Files';