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    Adding Avg line in a line chart

    Ade Jgo

      What I have :

          Annual Income of customers. (CustId, AnnualIncome)

          Monthly spending data for customers. (CustId, Month, Amount )

      What I want to do :

          1. Chart % of income spent by customers  each month ( Amount / AnnualIncome ).

          2. Create a 'band' and point out outliers. For example, if you spend more than $500 above or below the average, you are outside the band.Ideally this band would be bound by two lines (like Reference lines) and have its own background color.


      My attempts:

      Use line chart and 'Reference lines'.


                1. The 'Reference lines' are just straight lines, and not the average of a particular month. ( i.e. they should follow the monthly average spend).

                2. Don't know how to color the background bound by these lines.



      Use combo chart

          I can get the 'reference' lines follow the actual average (they are a measure).


                1. I don't know how to apply multiple dimensions to Combo chart. I tried using drill-down but no luck.


      Attaching example with both approaches.


      My actual use case is more complicated than this (using aggr, rangesum, above ) and Reference lines don't seem to like that kind of expression.