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    Technical Assistance Needed




      I am looking for some technical help from seniors


      please email me your contacts at raogqv@gmail.com

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          I would be happy to help you if possible and will talk offline if need be, but if you post your questions here then anyone in the future can benefit from any sage advice I happen to provide. Or perhaps will have a good example of what to avoid if I provide horrible advice.


          My email if you have question you aren't comfortable sharing here is Dalton.Ruer@nghs.com

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              Hi Dalton Ruer


              I would like to know


              What type of data and reports we handle health care clients


              Is there any web sites where i can see the sample data and reports of health care




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                  Great question Rao. In January Qlik hosted a webinar and allowed me to demonstrate some of the applications that I've worked on here at Northeast Georgia Health System. That webinar is still available online at: http://learn.qlik.com/ew0N5K02000MBR0b9WqOT05


                  If you contact your account manager I'm sure that they can also get you a link to other webinars hosted by other hospitals as well. There was another excellent one done in December.


                  Health Catalyst is a Qlik partner and they have several excellent examples available online for a variety of health care areas. Product Demos and Literature You can watch the videos and see the applications at your pace.


                  Are you already a Qlik customer and just need some help getting started or are you still in the process of deciding if Qlik can do what you hope it can for your health care data?