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    Can I reproduce List Box Functionality with Text Boxes?

      Please see the screen shot below. I have a List Box in the middle showing Revenue Categories. The bar chart at left will display Revenues for as many of the categories as I select from the list. I have unchecked the "Expressions as Legend" option inside the chart, because it is redundant to have the categories listed twice.


      What I am attempting to do on the right is create a custom Revenue Categories list that will replace the default List Box and also double as a Legend. Each color square is an individual Text Object, and each of the labels next to the square is as well. I've opened the Properties of each of these objects and set the Action to point to the right Revenue Category.


      THE PROBLEM IS, I can only select/display one Revenue Category at a time. What I want is to be able to select and compare multiple categories (as is shown in the screen shot). Is there any way to make the Text Object stay on so I can select more than one at a time?


      Alternately, is there any way to assign individual colors to the Windows Check Boxes in a List Box?


      Thanks for your feedback!