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    How to keep a file name fixed in QlikSense when created in QS hub

    Chenna Reddy

      Hi All,


      When I tried creating an app in QS hub and gave a file name, it was created with different name (eg: d6cacb4c-8bf8-4a77-a916-1efdfe407deb), I think it should be the same name as I have mentioned (like in Qlikview).


      The same thing is happening through Import option as well, here also it is not keeping original name of the file.


      The reason for asking this is, I am writing a program to get the file name from a xls/csv and get the associated path, for this I would like keep the original name instead changed one.


      Also, It is very difficult to identify the original file by going to Apps folder in QlikSense folder path.


      Please let me know if there is any way we can keep original file names instead QS created one.