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    Popup text in google maps charts

    Stefano Cafiero

      Hi experts,

      i apologize if you read again this message: yesterday i posted it but (probably due to my fault) I don’t see in the forum.

      I’m using google maps in qlikview and I’ve a problem related to pop up text.

      In this sample(from qlik), we can see in the popup text:



      Postalcode (dimension)

      Longitude (expression)

      Latitude (expression)

      Value (expression)

      City (expression)


      A Couple of questions:

      1) How can I hide latitude and longitude information ? (I disabled text as popup for both values but apparently nothing changed)

      2) Why longitude and latitude are displayed in the form:

      Label = content

      while Value and City only display the content ? how can i include/exclude labels ?


      Many thanks in advance