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    SAP Connectors 5.9 - ReloadSAPDD.qvw - dd03L not running

      Hi there

      I have recently installed the SAP connectors (V5.9) with QlikView Personal edition (11.2 SR 10) and I am interested in the Data Dictionary load with the Script Builder.

      I have managed to install the connectors and configure them for use, however when I reload the script to produce the QVD files, it hangs when it get tos DD03L.

      To test, I manually edited out the DD03L part and reran the script and it all worked ok, it creates the other qvd files.

      I also manually copied the SQL of that part of the script and inserted it into the SAP system using /n/QTQVC/SQL and it runs fine, but for some reason it doesn't run within the QWV script file.

      I am not very experienced with SAP but my colleague had a look and he can't find any issues or jobs failing or error messages. It's a mystery.

      Has anyone had any similar experiences or suggestions for me?