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    QlikView Server goes down

      We often have issues with the QlikView Server service.  After a reboot of our physical server, we will sometimes see this message after someone tries to open a large QVW and it times out.



      When we look at the status of the services, we see that QlikView Server is still running:



      Why would we be seeing "No Server" then?  The only way we have been able to resolve this is to reboot the physical server again.  This often has to be done a few times to get it "right", especially if people are continually trying to open reports immediately after the reboot.  Furthermore, when the server comes back up after a reboot, the QlikView Server service never starts up, even though it's Startup Type is Automatic.  We always have to start it up manually.  This service used to start on its own but has not for at least a year now.  I'm not sure if it's related to an upgrade or not.


      Users are very frustrated when they can't access their reports.  Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated!