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    Background color performance on million rows

    Paul Steinborn

      Dear Community!


      I use a straight table or pivot with approx. 400 million rows and 8 columns, where each is a dimension and get a backgorund color in case of an complex expression. As one of you might expect, if there is no filter it will be terrible slow and consuming a lot of ram.


      It would be enough, if the expression will be active, if one important filter is active, so that the perfomance will be better.

      I tried for this following expression : 


      If(GetSelectedCount(FILTER_FIELD)>=1,if(COMPLEX EXPRESSION),RGB(255,255,204))


      But still the perfomance is terrible, as i think he still analyses every row.

      Any idea how can i tell him to start the expression if an filter is active, or the result row number will be smaller than a specific nr.

      Or have someone another ideas for a better perfomance, with such a amount of data and coloring filter results?