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    Want to Hide List box when Field used in it is OMITed for few users.

    Shivendoo Kumar

      Hi Guys,


      I have application where have Field AccountID. This AccountID is having OMIT in section Access for few of the users.


      and in application we have used AccountID in list box.


      So suppose for User A OMIT is not applicable so he should see list box in application but for User B AccountID is MOIT and then AccountID is hidden for him in application. When User B is log in he is not seeing any AccountID values but empty list box is still displaying.


      What I want that for User B list box also should be hidden. So show the list Box Account ID to those users for whom AccountID is not OMIT and hide for those users for whom AccountId OMIT is applicable.


      How can I do this in list box.?


      Section Access is working fine.