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    Only load a subset of data, based on a selection in the dashboard

    Allard Couwenberg

      I would like to experiment with some sort of staging in loading data into my Sense application. Because loading the entire set is undesired due to performance of load script and performance in the dashboard itself.


      Preferably I do something like this:

      1) Some sort of quick scan of the available data.

      2) Populate a list / table in the application containing available data

      3) The user can select one or more values in this list

      4) Reloading will get only the data for the selected entities


      It is possible to use a dashboard selection in the next script reload? (Like a variable where-clause).

        • Re: Only load a subset of data, based on a selection in the dashboard
          Allard Couwenberg

          I asked this question in a chatroom during the Qlik "Visualize Your World" Virtual Forum. That resulted in an interesting chat.

          My Question: I have a dimension that will grow upto 250 entities. An analysis dashboard is made to facilitate analysis for 1 of those entities at once. I'd like a single version of that dashboard, but then 250 separate instances. Or the possibility for a user to pick 1 of 250 values and reload only that data.

          1. "Loop and Reduce is not available in Qlik Sense 2.0"
            See this thread: https://community.qlik.com/thread/158460
          2. "Section access will allow you to control the visibility, though all of the data will have to be loaded into memory."
          3. "I believe there is an extension to allow the selection of a single value in a dimension on load, this might also help. Depending on security requirements. Is this for an internal or external application?"
            This extension could be useful, and I'll try to find+test it.
            But security is important because eventually this solution will also apply to dashboards exposed externally.
          4. I was also thinking about creating a QVF datamart, where 250 dashboards (consistently referring to a include-script) just await a binary load from a LIVE dashboard.
            "With the data mart solution, I would look at creating a QVD layer. Use one app to load all the data then put a loop in your load script to store into QVDs for each selection. Depends on how complex the data model is but it might work."

          My chat-buddy will ask other technical Qlik people for input. I'll post and update when I receive any additional input. Until then probably using an intermediate QVD/QVF step seems the best approach.