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    Alternate state variable issue

      Hi ,


      I am using variables to define my dimensions in the chart  and these dimensions get selected based on user selection in the list box.

      I am using alternate state to give comparative analysis of chart. Since the filed names are same , these variables pick the values from alternate state and change the dimension. Is there any way to resolve this issue, Could we define the variables to pick value only from inherited state ?


      I am using below function to define my variable values


      Dim1 =Chr(91) &SubField(Concat(_Dim,'/'),'/',1) &Chr(93)

      Dim1 =Chr(91)&SubField(Concat(_ChartDim,'/'),'/',1)&Chr(93)

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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          The variables Dim1 and Dim1... uh wait, you can't have two variables with the same name. Dim1 and Dim2? Anyway the expressions you posted do use the inherited state. If you want to use a specific state, for example the default state $, then you can indicate that in the expression: =Chr(91) &SubField(Concat( {$} _Dim,'/'),'/',1) &Chr(93).