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    Trimming Outliers Numeric data based on value (between 5%ile and 95%ile)

    Matt Mohon

      I'm trying to do an "Average If" to basically trim data that is too high or too low for the general smell test.

      Here is my expression:



                FRACTILE([BalSht_TotalAssets_Total_assets],.05) < [BalSht_TotalAssets_Total_assets] AND [BalSht_TotalAssets_Total_assets]           < FRACTILE([BalSht_TotalAssets_Total_assets],.95),





      This does not seem to work.  I was curious if there was a better way, or if I'm doing something incorrectly.


      I'd like to eventually tie this out to 2 variables.  So the user can use a slider to set the fences, but defaulted to the .5 and .95.

      I'd like to use it to do not only avg, but also Fractiles for 25th, 50th, and 75th