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    Implied Selections

    Richard Chilvers

      I have a chart pivot table which uses a calculated dimension of product code and product description as:


      '( ' & PROD_CODE & ' ) ' & PROD_DESC


      eg. (1357) Jelly Babies


      Users select a product to see the orders listed below it.


      However, if they move to other tabs/charts the see details for all products because the PROD_CODE has not been explicitly selected.


      Is there a way to implicitly select the PROD_CODE so they see what they expect to ? So if they select Jelly Babies in the pivot table, they only see that product on other tabs ?

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          Ruben Marin

          Hi Richard, it's possible to create that concatenation as a single field?, in script:


          LOAD ...

               ( ' & PROD_CODE & ' ) ' & PROD_DESC as Product



          Selections in Product will be unique per PROD_CODE and PROD_DESC

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            Stefan Wühl



            if you create a calculated dimension like above, and you select a dimension value in this chart, there should be automatically a selection in field PROD_DESC as well as in PROD_CODE.


            What Ruben suggests should also work.


            Or do the users select in a list box with field PROD_DESC? Then I don't understand why this selection does not limit the values of PROD_CODE as seen in the pivot chart also in other sheets.


            What expressions do you use?


            Could you upload a small sample that demonstrates that this is not working as expected?