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    Security Settings & Rolls

      I need some assistance on setting this up.  I want to set up rolls for my users and each of the rolls would have different security settings.   I also need to turn off the default settings for access.  I have AD Group already set up (HR, Operations, Sales) with all f the users who will have access to Sense.  I want to assign the AD groups to the streams with the same name and then rolls to the users that will define their rights.


      The rolls and settings I am trying to create are:

      Admin = Root Admin (this is already set up)

      Developer - Can create apps, stories, sheets, access to all data connections & create data connections, publish apps in QMC, no other QMC rights

      Analyst - create sheets, publish sheets, create stories, no qmc access

      User - read only in apps and can create stories, no qmc access