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    Ashish Pawar


      I am new in Qlikview. Can any one tell me how to send PPT reports by using NPrinting...?




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          Avinash R

          see this attachment

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            Mike Czerwonky

            That is kind of a vague question.   You can use the Client Version of Nprinting to extract data from your QVW files and load data into a PPT template.  The program is pretty intuitive and you can get setup and going in a couple days.  Once you setup the client, you can easily e-mail PPT files or send them to a data repository for your users to retrieve.


            You don't need to use the Server version for a low volume installation.


            Let me know if you come up with more specific questions  

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              Peter Cammaert
              • First buy NPrinting Client and Server
              • Then design your PPT template in NPrinting client. This template will contain references to objects in existing QlikView documents. These documents can be QVW files or AccessPoint documents.
              • Then in the same NPrinting client, attach triggers, tasks, jobs and recipients to this template, so that the template will be filled with current QlikView data and sent to the specified recipients at an appropriate time. You have just created an all-in-one solution for distributing PPT-files. NPrinting client allows you to extensively test your design.
              • Lastly, post your NPrinting set-up (nsq file + templates + extra data files) to the NPrinting server and launch the schedule.


              Visit the Customer Feedback for Vizubi web site for details on every step of this development cycle.


              That's about it.



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                  The client portion of NPrinting is what is used to build the tempaltes in order to generate the reports.  PowerPoint if pretty straight forward where you bring in your images and drag into the tempalte and resize.


                  You will need to follow the tutorials mentioned above - If you do not ahve nprinting, there are free limited downloads

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                  Andrea Bertazzo

                  Hi Ashish,


                  You can follow the tutorial attached by Avinash to create a PPT report.

                  This tutorial shows how you can set up a task to send the report you created to yuìour recipients.


                  How to Create Tasks – Customer Feedback for Vizubi


                  Since you are new to NPrinting, you can contact your QlikView account manager and ask for a demo on the product.