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    Data load editor - Auto-Generated Section

      Hi members, I am very new to Qlik Sense Desktop, having only discovered it recently.

      I have been watching many videos and reading some printed material.

      Having downloaded the product and installed, I have been trying to replicate some of the examples I have seen.  But I do not get the same results, specifically with the Data Load Editor.

      I have tried loading my data, just Excel and CSV so far, and that seems to go well.  However when I go into the Data Load Editor to edit the data or maybe create new fields I get an unexpected result.

      If you look at attachment 1, I get an Auto-generated Section which is locked.  And all the fields are shown in square brackets.  From the videos and printed material I was expecting to see a separate unlocked section for each data source, as per attachment 2.  And here the fields do not have square brackets.


      I can find no reference in Qlik Sense to "auto-generated section" and why I am getting this result; so different to what is shown in the videos and in print.

      Is anyone able to put me on the right track, please.