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    Resize Column width

    janardhan reddy

      Automatic Column size in qliksense is problem for me i have to show more columns in a table but not able to show ,few columns have only 1 or 2 characters field but still its occupying more space.

      Any solution for this problem.

      Thanks in Advance


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          Kalyan Navuluri

          Hi janardhan,


          There is no way to adjust column width in Qlik Sense and it changes dynamically according the screen size. Hovering over the field will display the text in that filed

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            Michael Tarallo

            Hi Janardhan,


            K N is correct, however can you elaborate a bit more on the use case? How many columns would you like to have in your table? What type of values are being used in the columns, text, numeric, long-text (sentence / paragraph). How many lines of text would be helpful? I believe it defaults to 3.


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            Mike Tarallo