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    Custom property in Qlik Sense extension

    Alan Green

      I am trying to create a custom property fro each measure in the extension.


      I have created a switch which appears in the accordion for each measure and I can set them separately


      I am now trying to read there values in the .qHyperCube object. Should I see this as a property of each measure and if so why do I not see it?


      My code is below


      measures : {

          uses : "measures",

          min : 0,


          items: {

                MySwitchProp: {

                     type: "boolean",

                          component: "switch",

                          label: "Colour using Heatmap",

                          ref: "MySwitchProp",

                                                            options: [{

                                                                    value: true,

                                                                    label: "On"

                                                            }, {

                                                                    value: false,

                                                                    label: "Off"


                                                            defaultValue: false