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    Exporting into excel

    Jessica Lee

      I've exported a table containing time series data into excel in Qlik Sense by side clicking on the table.  I found that it's only exporting a subset of the available data values.


      Why won't it export the entire table?

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          Michael Tarallo

          Hi Jes,


          Thanks for your question, let me get a bit more information.


          • Did you have any selections before the export?
          • If you have for example 10 columns, are 10 columns being exported?
          • Does the export to xls look the same as the data in the Qlik Sense table object?
          • Are you using any aggregations (sum,count) etc on your measures?
          • Are you using let's say 5 columns, exporting 5 columns, but expecting the entire table that was loaded into the app to be dumped to Excel?


          If the last bullet, I have seen this request a few times where people want to export the entire table to use as data for input to somewhere else.  Can you explain a bit more about your use case for exporting the entire data table that you loaded into the app?


          If any of the former, disregard the last bullet and we can further troubleshoot.


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          Mike Tarallo


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            Guillaume Kaisin

            I think your problem is the size of your export.  Like explained in this post, there is a limitation of 1million cells (not rows, cells) for the excel export.  Then if you reduce the number of column, the number of rows exported will be bigger.


            This issue needs to be fixed.  Firstly when the export truncate the data to a subdataset we have no warning and secondly in Qlikview this limitation has been extended to why not in Qlik sense ? There is no meaning to this and 1 million rows is easily reached...