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    I want to create an EXPRESSION ! Do help

      Hello All,

      The query here is I have some device which are frequently upgrading and after update they turn to again updating. For In progress the response code is 'NA' and for updated it is '0'.

      I have one column with me which shows the date-time latest now I want to pick the

      latest response code of a particular device id whether it would be '0' or 'NA' on basis of "com_send_time"  Column .

      Scenario is lik this

      P.S: I have around 700 device !


      1852NA23-07-2015 13:28
      1852NA24-07-2015 11:42
      1852023-07-2015 13:41
      1852024-07-2015 11:54
      2314NA24-07-2015 11:41
      2314024-07-2015 11:59





      As you can see above 1852 is showing different response code but I just want the count for the latest

      i.e  24-07-2015 11:54