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    background colour to change depending on expression

    Rhona Corcoran

      Hi I have a heat map where I need different background colours depending on the % of target the expression is.  I am using the background colour in the expression window so see below I am trying to get if the sum of Physio expression below is above target column total it will be green etc. I can't get it to work for this expression alone and I also need to add on the next expression which is below but will have different colours ie red if over target etc.


      Need to get this working:


      =if([National]=' ' or [National] ='Data gap',RGB(191,191,191),
      (Sum({$<Physio={28,29,30,31}>}ActualValue)/Sum({$<Physio={28,29,30,31,32,33,34,35}>}ActualValue)>=[Target 95%],RGB(81,173,152),
      [Target 85%],RGB(208,62,81),
      [Target 85%] and if(Sum({$<Physio={28,29,30,31}>}ActualValue)/Sum({$<Physio={28,29,30,31,32,33,34,35}>}ActualValue)<[Target 95%],RGB(233,174,17))))


      then need to add this on so can change to different colours




      sorry I know I am probably not making sense but I can't give example as sensitive data loaded in table.