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    SAS ODBC Connection



      I'm trying to connect to a SAS dataset. I've been able to install the SAS ODBC driver and can see it as a connection option in QlikView but am getting the below error.


      Connection Test Failed


      SQL##f - SqlState: IM003, ErrorCode: 160, ErrorMsg:
      Specified driver could not be loaded due to system error 126: The
      specified module could not be found. (SAS, C:\Program


      I checked for the file and it appears to be at that location.


      Any thoughts on where I'm going wrong would be much appreciated.





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          Hi Jenny,


          I am coming across the exact same problem while using the 64-bit version of SAS ODBC driver and connecting to 64 bit Qlikview. Did you find a resolution to this issue ? Please let me know.




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            Hi Jenny, Punnet,


            Have you resolved that issue? If yes can you please share it?


            I am trying to connect to a SAS and I am facing that same error.



            Best regards,

            Jorge Brugos

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              Jean Yves Corre

              Hi all,


              The latest version of SAS 9.4 ODBC do not run with Qlikview server x64 2012 R2.


              You have to download the following version here : http://support.sas.com/downloads/package.htm?pid=1276


              Uninstall the current version before install the new one the reboot server.



              Jean-Yves Corre 

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                  rodriguez ruiz

                  hello, with odbc driver gives many problems try the oledb you have to do is:
                  Sas install on your local machine
                  Install the driver oledb
                  Server name and port to which you are connecting SAS
                  Names of tables or libraries where you will extract the information
                  Since you have everything you need to request access to the tables that you need because they have an owner.
                  And then you can make the connection as you will ask these data.
                  I show the steps of the connection , I hope they serve

                  Select the connector SAS IOM Data Provider 9.42


                  Then we click Next and proceed to the connecting flange in which we enter the following data:



                  We spent the next Advanced tab , we disable the default use palomita and then entered the following data is the server name and port


                  We click on Test Connection and appears to us that the connection was successful :


                  We click on Select and we appear the tables you have access :4.png