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    Missing QDS in QMC on Qlikview Server


      I installed Qlikview Server  2012 SR12 under the following settings:

      Server landscape: VM Windows 2012 R2

      Qlikview Server: 2012 SR12 Smale Business Edition (no Publisher)

      Licence: temporary


      I installed QV Server (without Publisher) on two vm machines:


      on first server (8GB RAM) with QMC:

      - QlikView Management Service

      - QvWebServer

      - QlikView Server Client Files

      - Directory Service Connector


      On the second server (64GB RAM):

      - QlikView Server

      - Distribution Service

      - Directory Service Connector


      I asserted the following problem:

      When I configure settings in QMC, QVS does not run on Server 1. I do not see QDS-tree for configuration. I'm wondering why it miss in QMC? I never learnt such situation? Something in accordance with license or with QV Version 2012?


      Have you got any Idea?


      Thank you in advance.

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          Maximiliano Velez

          This is because you have no QlikView Publisher

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              Hello Maximiliano,

              Thank you for feedback. In my understanding QDS ist to see in QMC with of without Publisher. But you meant this depends on publisher license. If it works so why does "Qlik" support both kinds of installation: with or without Publisher. In the case without Publisher it makes possible that you still can publish documents, manage users, manage reload tasks. Is it wronge?


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                  Maximiliano Velez

                  If your doing the installation in a stand alone server, this means installing all the services in one physical or virtual server, you have to install all the QV services, the use of publisher is determine by the license.  This is how a installation of QVS without publisher looks likeQVSwithoutPublisher.jpg

                  The services for this installation are as follow:



                  If you notice there is the QDS installing and running. In this case all your mounted folders are recognize as a distribution folders and you can still schedule your task but you can not make distributions.

                  For example: This are my mounted folders.



                  And in the documents tab you can create your schedule task.



                  As you can see, there is no distribution.


                  So, the installation is full installation and the license is what determines if you can use or not QV Publisher.


                  I hope this is clear, if you have any other question please don't hesitate on asking.



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                Bill Britt



                You have to license the publisher service for it to show up. By default you have Server reloads, which is a stripped down version of publisher.