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    Date Picker in Qlik sense #Qwidget

    Satish Pawar

      Hi Community,


      I'm working in Qwidget for Date Picker object.

      i also created start_date and End_date objects.


      BUT there is no association between data and these object whenever i select date range it doesn't effect on dashboards.

      where is mistake?





      year(txn_time) as "Year",

      month(txn_time) as "Month",

      WeekDay("txn_time") as DayN,

      date(txn_time,'DD-MM-YYYY') as Date,

      timestamp(txn_time,'DD-MM-YYYY hh:mm:ss') as "Timestamp",


      FROM [lib://QVD/IOT_TXT_RAW.QVD]





          Max(date(txn_time,'DD-MM-YYYY'))AS DateMax,

          Min(date(txn_time,'DD-MM-YYYY'))AS DateMin

          RESIDENT data;



      LET vMaxDate = FieldValue('DateMax', 1);

      LET vMinDate = FieldValue('DateMin', 1) -1;



      DROP TABLE CalendarTemp;



      let vStartDate = Date('$(vMinDate)');

      let vEndDate = Date('$(vMaxDate)');



      let vYesterday = date(vMaxDate)-1;