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    Straight Table issue with dimensions and expressions from different tables

      Hi guys,


      Hopefully, there is a way to fix my current problem.


      I have multiple tables in an application and for one straight/pivot table I need to show information related to two different tables in one row.


      For example


      10126/03/201508/04/201510001/01/2015 Mr A
      20224/03/201508/04/201520002/01/2015 Mrs B
      30319/03/201508/04/201530003/01/2015 Mr C
      40423/04/201527/04/201540004/01/2015 Mrs D


      HID is one dimension and CostID is another dimension. Open date to completed date are all expressions that use data from one table with data related to HID.

      ActualCost1 and ActualCost2 use information from a second table.


      I want the cost of 50 and 30 to show on the row for the related CostID rather than show on a row with blanks which isn't useful.


      Is there any way to get this work?