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    OSUser and NTNAME in Section Access

    Staffan Johansson



      problem, my NTNAME in uppercase DOMAIN\NTNAME as it should be in section access.

      this is my OSUser DOMAIN\ntname when I access the application. This is for qlikview not the same, I guess?!

      works in desktop but not in AcessPoint.

      I use distribution in publisher. 11.20 sr10

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          Peter Cammaert

          In section access you best specify NTNAME values in the same case as windows lists them in security dialog boxes (the domain name is usually upper case). In theory the values for NTNAME are case insensitive and will match whatever Windows returns (upper/lower/mixed case). NTNAME does not have to follow the same rules as a Section Access link field that has to match a corresponding Section Application field.


          If it doesn't work in the AP, did you make sure that you did at least one reload on the server?

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            Marcus Sommer

            Osuser() = NT user and qvuser() = section access user aren't be necessary the same but often they are. I suggest you put two textboxes with osuser() and qvuser() into your app to see what qv returned on desktop and access point and I think the domain-part is different.


            - Marcus

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                Staffan Johansson

                Hi experts,


                =NTNAME=OSUser() in a textbox will gives me 0

                =NTNAME=upper(OSUser()) will gives me -1


                Yes I have reload it several times from publisher.


                we use AD so qvuser() is not an option.

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                    Staffan Johansson

                    When I open file in desktop all works fine I my NTNAME har correct id.

                    When I open in server my NTNAME is my service account.


                    I have solve this before by reduce the service account in my section application in a where statment like NTNAME <> 'DOMAIN\ServiceAccount' but it doesent work this time.

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                        Peter Cammaert

                        I'm very sorry but I don't really understand what you mean.


                        The NTNAME field should have a value for every account with which you try to open the document.

                        Imagine that you are logged in Windows (and in AD) with a windows account name = yourdomain\sjohansson. Then your NTNAME field in Section Access should have a line with this value to let you open the document, whether you open the document using File open in your QV desktop on your laptop, or whether you open the same document in the AccessPoint using a browser on the same laptop where you are logged in Windows using the same account. You can check the value of your current account in the AccessPoint in the top right corner of the AP mlanding page (that shows the different document thumbnails).


                        If you are using another method to open a document on the server, please specify which method this is.


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                        Peter Cammaert

                        You cannot use the section access NTNAME field, as it is not visible to anyone/anything outside Section Access (this is a hidden part of the QlikView data model)


                        Moreoever, the test is senseless because it implies regular QlikView data matching rules, while the security techniques in Section Access do not use the same rules (NTNAME values are case insensitive)


                        OSUser() returns the current user ID as returned by the OS (e.g. Windows), which is not necessarily equual to what you entered in NTNAME.