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    NPrinting: Send an e-mail per Cycled Report

    Susana M Silva



      I have a PowerPoint Report that is cycled by the dimension "Salesman".

      I have created the task to generate these reports to a specified folder and it works fine.


      Now I intend NPrinting to send an e-mail to each one of these Salesman, with the report concerning only himselft/herself.


      In my Qlikview source, i have a table that contains each Salesman Code, Name, E-mail and ReportID.

      I already did the following steps successfully:

      • Imported the recipients for these salesman using the Qlikview Entity source.
      • Applied a filter to each Recipient with the corresponding ReportID.
      • Add the Recipients to the Cycled Report Task.
      • Parameterised the e-mail message of the Cycled Report Task.


      However, when i run this Task, the reports are generated to the folder correctly, but the e-mails are all sent with the same attachment (the first report generated in the cycle).


      How can i associate the cycled dimension with the dispatch of the corresponding e-mail? Is this possible?


      I'm looking forward to some help.


      Thanks in advance,

      Susana Silva