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    Date picker

      Hi all,




      As, I know Qlik sense does not support a date picker object. I need to add date picker to all my sheets in qlik sense, it is necessary.

      I need to filter the data according to selected dates or between the two dates.

      Is it possible to take the dates from two variables and can i use that two variables in filter pane to filter the data.


      For ex:

      StartDate and EndDate as two variables and use these two in filter pane using set analysis.


      For this Can I use a extensions : qsVariable, Input Box which updates a variable in Qlik Sense, or  Date Variable created using SugarJS Natural Language Processing from Qlik Branch.

      The idea is user need to enters the two dates (startdate, enddate)  and we need to take those two dates and filter according to those dates.

      Advance Thanks,