Understanding the Master Calendar (video)

    In this video I will introduce you to a concept known as the Master Calendar which can be used with both QlikView and Qlik Sense.  A Master Calendar is simply a table that contains a time period and time attributes that you define, linked to your existing data.


    If you are unable to analyze data by different time dimensions using your existing data set, or have noticed time gaps when create charts and visualizations - the Master Calendar will solve these problems.



    Attached are samples below for your reference.


    • .qvf for Qlik Sense Desktop - copy to C:\Users\<user profile>\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Apps
    • .qvw for QlikView - open with QlikView Desktop
    • master.txt - the script used to create the Master Calendar


    Please be aware that the Master Calendar can be created a few different ways using Qlik scripting. It can also be made more efficient using specific methods and functions. The example in this post is used as a simple sample.


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    Michael Tarallo