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    QMC Duplicate Error

    Camron Allan

      I am experiencing the following error when attempting to duplicate an app using the QMC in Qlik Sense 2.0.3.


      Title: An error occurred

      Body: Unable to get property 'forEach' of undefined or null reference.

      Button1: Restart QMC

      Button2: Cancel


      If I go ahead with the operation, the resulting application has the following qualities:

      • The file size of the resulting app is 0Mb, implying that no data was copied, however I am able to see data in the Data Manager
      • The data model is intact
      • The data load script is gone (or I can't see it)


      The same thing happens -- without the error -- if I attempt to Export/Import the app.


      Thanks in advance for your consideration.

        • Re: QMC Duplicate Error
          Camron Allan

          Although the error is troubling, my primary problem is that I am not able to see or edit my data load script.


          According to the documentation, the following workflow should be possible:


          1. Develop an app
          2. Publish it (at which point I should not be able to edit the script)
          3. Duplicate the app to "My Work" stream
          4. Edit the app (in "My Work" stream)
          5. Republish


          My problem is that, when I do step 3, I am not able to see the script in step 4.  Please keep in mind that I am the Content Admin for the app, so I don't think this should be a permissions issue.



          • Re: QMC Duplicate Error
            Michael Tarallo

            Hi Camron - thanks Serhan for mentioning me in the discussion so I can be alerted of this.


            • Cameron - first thing - are you using a licensed version of Qlik Sense or a trial license? If license, have you contacted Qlik support? If so have they been in contact with you? - That would be the recommended approach.

            • Just to make sure - in the user list - are there 2 IDs with the same name - 1 with a different user directory perhaps - I am trying to establish that the correct owner is attached to the app - which I believe you verified. I have seen issues when users with the same ID from multiple user directories are loaded - they are actually considered as unique IDs since one comes from a different directory.
            • What browser are you using? Can you try this in a different browser? (i have seen some errors in our bug tracking system that are relating similar errors to IE)
            • Is it possible to upgrade to 2.1?
            • can you attach the .qvf and let me try it on my system?
            • Direct message me mto - I will send you my amazon environment - QMC - and give you creds and you can import to that server to test (if you are allowed)


            Let me know



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            Mike Tarallo