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    Peek for charts

    Chase Bushey

      I am not sure the best approach to this and the simplyest way I can explain this is possibly finding a way to do what peek() does in a chart.


      Essentially, I am looking to pull the previous date so that it can be used in a days since calculation. To complicate things I have to be flexible on the previous date as these dates all tie to different locations. Take this example:


      EventDate    Location

      01/01/15     Unit1

      02/05/15     Unit2

      03/15/15     Unit1

      03/25/15     Unit2


      From this you can see that Unit1 has two event dates (01/01/15, 03/15/15) and Unit2 has two event dates (02/05/15, 03/25/15). What I would like to do is identify how many days between each event given the selected location and if no location is selected I would return the number of days between event date above it.


      I have tried a few different things and I have found that Peek() works pretty well in the script but doesnt account for what location the user might choose.


      Here is the expected output:

      Location Unit1 selected

      EventDate     Location     DaysSince

      01/01/15          Unit1             Null

      03/15/15          Unit1              73


      Location Unit2 selected

      EventDate     Location     DaysSince

      02/05/15          Unit2             Null

      03/25/15          Unit2              48


      Any suggestions on how best to handle this?