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    Accumulating Percentage

      I have a Pivot Table which has Date post was sent out to the client on the left and Weeks until returned across the top. what I am trying to create is for it to tell me of the Post sent in the week on the left how much in % has returned in week 1,2,3,4 Ect.


      then I need to do the same but accumulative so of the post sent on the date on the left a % of all received in week 1 then in the week 2 Column it needs to show all received in weeks 1&2 and so on.


      This is an example of what the data looks like

      Week sentweek return 1week return 2week return 3week return 4




      Accumulative should look like this

      Week Sent

      week return 1week return 2week return 3week return 4



      I have tried the basic Count([Week Returned]) / Count ([Week Sent])

      and then tell sense to display as number and as % but what I get is either all data as 100% or everything as 0


      Any help would be much appreciated

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          I have now solved this


          This was done by using the following expression


          RangeSum(Before(Count([Days to post return]),0,ColumnNo()))

          Days to post return was built into the load script as a DateDiff between Week Sent and Week Return this is then used in the expression.


          the load script is like this


          [Days to post return] = DATEDIFF(Week,[Week Sent Date],[Week Return Date]) /1