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    Union in Set Analysis

      Dear Community,

      I am trying to select an union of two selections in a set analysis. Reading the Doc, I understood I had to use the + sign and using the template wizard at Set Analysis Wizard for QlikView | qlikblog.at I was led to use a format like the one below


      example: Sum({$<group={$(=nath)},division+={$(=gilles)}>}sales)


      In my application I replicated it with below expression


      sum({$<[Final Customer Group Code]={'2030'},[Final CG Others]+={'INVENSYS'}>} Sales)



      Unfortunately, I can't get to see my Sales on the Union of the two sets. Only the first set ([Final Customer Group Code]={'2030'}) is included in the results


      What I am doing wrong?


      Thanks  lot for your help