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    QlikView Server setup in a Windows workgroup environment

    Bimala Mishra

      Hi Everyone:


      One of my client has got work group setup instead of domain.  QlikView SBE has been purchased by the client. The Database server and QV server is installed in two different machines. As mentioned above we have created few users in QlikView servers. By using these user-id, users are able to see the access point and access the App.

      So they need to login twice

      1) To go to access point by using  user-id and password created in Qv Server

      2) Using Section Access to control who is authorized to view which App


      In this scenario,

           How Named Cal assignment would be done

           How to establish connection between Database server and Qv server in a workgroup environment . The back-end DB is Sql Server.


      Any document  or suggestion would be highly appreciated.



      Kind Regards,