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    Qlik Sense Bookmark Set Analysis

    Arun Aggarwal

      Hi Everyone,


      I'm wondering if something has been changed regarding bookmarks in set analysis for Qlik Sense.


      I found that even the simplest expressions with bookmarks don't seem to funciton.


      For example, if I create a bookmark called 'a' which bookmarks september and I write the expression




      It returns 0.


      If i select September without the bookmark, sum(NetSales) returns a value.


      I have had this working in the past and i'm wondering if i'm missing something here.




        • Re: Qlik Sense Bookmark Set Analysis
          Arun Aggarwal

          Managed to confirm that this is a bug.


          I was provided with the following workaround:


          Open  a browser and go to    http://localhost:4848/single


          When the single configurator opens, select your app on the left, then select an object, any object.  It will generate a URL for you.


          Then on the right select your bookmark from the drop down .


          Go back to the generated URL and you will see the bookmark ID in the URL .


          Use the bookmark ID in the set analysis and it will work.