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    Publisher - Accesspoint

    Thom Mumaw

      Ok. I have publisher up and running. I have created jobs, tasks, etc.. When I execute my job and it completes successfully, I go to Accesspoint and the only thing I see in there are the delivered stuff (Films, Presidents, etc.). Where do I configure Accesspoint to look at my documents not the delivered ones?


        • Publisher - Accesspoint
          Rob Wunderlich

          I'll assume that in the Publisher ControlPanel, you have defined an AccessPoinr Resource and have built Distribution tasks to distribute documents to that Resource.

          The remaining task is to edit :
          C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\QlikTech\Publisher\AccesspointService\Settings.xml

          and create an <AddDirectory> element that points to your AccessPoint directory.

          By default, the QVS directories are included in AccessPoint. If you want to exclude them, create a <DenyDirectory> element in Settings.xml. Comments in the file provide instructions for creating both the AddDirecory and DenyDirectory elements.


          • Publisher - Accesspoint
            Bill Britt

            You can do this in the server administration console. Look on the folders tab and change the file location to the place you have pointed you accesspoint to in publisher..