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    View Dashboard in the web


      Hi guys


      I need you help about the dashboard, i can see the dashboard in hte local machine in http://localhost/webfolder/default.htm.... and run ok ,

      so when i try to conect to other PC like no show the dashboard

      the error in html page say " Qva is undefined"

      In the iis cofiguration is check enabled to enabled anonymous access and Integrated windows authetication





        • View Dashboard in the web
          Karl Humma


          I am not sure where to start here so I will go with the most obvious, what type of QVS license do you currently have (user cals, session cals, etc). Next the urls you give above are not the same as each other, if i am to assume this is not a mistype you might want to try the working url but replace the localhost with the ip address, of course this is only assuming you did not type what you meant above as webfolder & webfolder.htm are two completely different things :-) .

          Btw I have seen a similar issue before and it turned out to be a licensing issue see this forum:


          Hope this helps!