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    Sharing my QV Programmer life

    Yeo Poh sai

      Hi All



      I like to share my experience



      In order for me to make a good QV doc , it take me very Long , why ?



      1. There are many chart I need to create. With out trial and error I am not the chart or table it is suitable for me.

      2. Some time at end I get lost. Because I create many chart and it does not work.



      So doing QV is an art . And it is not a easy life.



      Now QS even more complicated , why ?



      1. It does allow user create sheet and with 1 sheet I can switch to many other sheet. Organise of report even more diff.

      2. It does not have initial select button , so meaning you can not have selection of currency , current month , etc




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          Ronny Waage



          Just some comments from me.


          BE carefull to not use to many alternate states.


          Try to create simple and generic graphs. I am using variables and buttons.


          make sure to have current selection boxes. frequent problem amoung our users are selections done in one graph causing problems or unexpected resultater in other graphs.