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    How to group according to dimension - 5 timestamps

    Josephinet Tedesco

      Every patient can have up to 5 timestamps.

      I want to get the information (timestamp4 - timestamp3)  Where should I do this?  at the load level (does not work) - it loads a row of data for each datestamp, not per patient.


      Is there a way of grouping all timestamps by patient - where should this be done at LOAD at SQL?


      I can group by patient in a pivot table or a straight or pivot table. HOWEVER, I cannot do an average or total.  I can use an if statement to only get the values which are greater than 0)  However when I delete the patient dimension - the table will show no data at all.


      Checked - yes this is possible but does not help

      From Set Analysis literature I see I can use Sum(Sales) as a starting point :  Is it possible to use Sum(SoldItems-ReturneItems) as a starting point?



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