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    Disabling an Extension, when leaving the sheet

    Christian Schlettig

      Dear all,


      i have built a video player extension based on video.js to play videos in QV.

      I have one issue left:

      If i change the sheet ( to a sheet without the extension) the video keeps playing. I can't see the video, but still can hear the audio, because the video.js doesn't know about the visibility i suppose.


      I'm now looking for a way to "tell"/"trigger" the extension one last time, that it needs to be paused.

      I'm thinking about OnLeaveSheet Trigger to set a variable, thats property of the extension, and when it changes i pause the player.


      Plan B would be to build a document extension checking, weather it's running on a specific sheet name and otherwise pausing/disposing the videoplayer.


      Anybody had this issue before and knows, if theres a proper way to do that?


      Best regards,