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    Qlikview Application into Sharepoint/Qlikview Single Sign On


      Hi everyone,

      I was wondering if there was a way to put an entire QV application onto a Sharepoint page. Right now, I can put on individual objects such as charts and whatnot from QV applications using Qlikview Web Parts for Sharepoint, but I don't want to have to insert each individual object from the QV app into sharepoint and then rearranging them as this is tremendously inefficient especially when the applications are really complex.

      Just wanted to know if this was possible. My ultimate goal is to be able to provide a single sign-on procedure to allow clients to access qlikview applications through Active Directory Federation Services. Right now, I am able to do single sign on to Sharepoint, so if I can somehow fully integrate qlikview with Sharepoint, I would have one solution down.

      Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.