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    Lookup in columns with in table loaded to qlikview



      With in a table, I have three columns which are loaded into qlikview.


      First column name is 'ClaimNumber' (It contains numeric value which is unique for each row or line entry)

      Second column name is 'Claimtype' (Only two types of Values are allowed i.e either 'MR' or 'PP' which means all line entries in the table pertains to either of these two categories).

      Third column is 'Additional Number' (It is one of the value out of the values in the column with name 'ClaimNumber' but not same as 'ClaimNumber').



      Claimnumber: 20112222 and Claimtype is : 'PP' and Additional number is '345678'

      Claimnumber: 345678 and Claimtype is :'MR' and Additional number is 'blank'.


      Now I have to insert one more column after the third column with name 'FinalClaimType' and the requirement is,


      in the fourth column against the claimnumber: 20112222 , I want the value as 'MR'  but not 'PP'.


      Please help me...