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    servername in url

      I have a scenario where we needed to move our server to the DMZ.

      When on of my users clicks on a qv document, qv opens it up with a URL that looks like

      <internal server name>/accesspoint/Default.aspx

      Since we are in the DMZ an external end user cannot view the document.

      Is there a setting I could change to have the document fire up with

      <external DNS name/accesspoint/Default.aspx


      We are currently on 8.5

        • servername in url
          Karl Humma

          Check your url setting for the AccessPoint Resource in the Publisher ControlPanel settings


          • servername in url

            I tried that but the document URL boxes are greyed out for me.

            The following worked for me

            I went to

            \Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\QlikTech\Publisher\AccesspointService\Settings.xml

            I changed the LinkMachineName="internalservername" to LinkMachineName="url.com".

            It worked like a charm