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    Linking to file from accessfile

      Hi i currently am an intern developing an application for my company, i have a .JPG file that is read into qlikview by its exact file path.

      e.g. C:\Qlikview\picture.jpg.


      The picture will be loaded through the MinimalisticHtmlTextBox extension as i need the sliders for a large format picture. However when i deploy the file on the Qlikview Accesspoint, the extension is able to load but the it will not display the picture. The extension works on qlikview desktop and through the web view, i am able to display the picture through the selection, it is only in the Access Point that the picture does not appear. i would llike to ask if i am able to dynamically load the image to the extension on the Access Point through a file path or would i have to load the images into qlikview for that to work?