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      Hi all,

      I have a visualization problem, I think.

      I have 4 table:

      1) Final Product

      2) Bill of Material

      3) Product

      4) Cost


      Each table include reference to his master (the number 1 is the major and number 4 is last child).

      I need to have for each Final Product the cost represented as

      Product.quantity * Cost.price


      When I use a Qlick Table I can see the right result for each Product in BoM. But when I convert in Pivt Table, rows disappear, like it could not manage sum without explode ...


      I hope you can help me (and also understand the problem!)


      In attach the piece of DB view and the table showing rows correctly calculated ...


      Thanks in advance


      Messaggio modificato da Natale Zaramella BOM is the right example, but I find it difficult: I do not have an hierarchy... I attach an example with the two graph, the pable that shows results and the pivot that does not ... I can't understand why pivot is not showing results ...