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    Dynamically change data source

      Sorry if this is a total noob question, but i have just started using QLikView - I am evaluating it to see if it will fit my needs. One question I have not found the answer to yet on forums / manuals is: can I change the data source dynamically at run-time depending on the selection of a value in a table?

      To explain more: I have 10 databases for 10 different divisions of a company. The databases are identical in structure, differ only in the data they contain. I want to be able to show the user a table of divisions (e.g. 'London', 'Manchester', 'Newcastle'), and depending on which one they select, I want to be able to connect to a different database to get my data from (i.e. change the source in my data script from 'ODBC CONNECT TO [London-SQL] to 'ODBC CONNECT TO [Manchester-SQL]')

      For now I don't need to know HOW to do this, I only need to know IF this is possible in QlikView. Can anyone confirm this for me? Thanks for any help.